January 18, 2008

Barter, trade, swap...

It all began with a friendly little convo from a fellow Etsyian. (Etsian? Fellow Etsy seller?) A compliment on my shop, and a question: Do you do trades?

Well, let me think about it... OK!

That first trade got me hooked. Soon I was searching for more trading partners, and having a lot of fun doing it!

<-- Here's a sample from a trade-friendly shop! Lori has beautiful rings like this listed.

Would you like to become a trader? Here's my tips:

  • Consider trying it with someone who's already hearted your shop and/or items. (Since they already like you, they might be more open to trade.)
  • Check for shops that say they are convo/trade friendly. (You can also search the forums for trading threads, or just go out on a limb with any shop you like!)
  • Once you find an item you want, make sure you have some similarly priced items in your shop so it's easy to do an even trade. (Having a variety of items & prices might help!)
  • Don't try too many at once. (For example, if you want a headband, don't send out to every headband-selling shop you like. They may not all respond, but if they do, are you willing to do multiple trades for the same kind of item? Try one at a time and be patient.)
  • Send a friendly convo, and make sure to give the person an out. (Not everyone likes to trade, so just let them know that it's ok if they are not interested. No pressure!)
  • If someone does want to trade, make your arrangements and "buy". (You can most likely just make your purchase and not complete the payment step; your fellow trader can do the same. Your item is the payment!)
  • Treat the trader as you would anyone else buying from your shop. Send your item promptly, leave feedback, etc. (Trades are NOT an excuse for poor business practices. If anything, they require better communication.)
  • Enjoy your trade!

Trades may not be for everyone, but when you can make a trade it is a great feeling! You meet some people who like your stuff and get to enjoy the fruits of someone else's creative labor without breaking the bank on your wishlist. You also get a chance to be found in Pounce and can build up your feedback score. Why not give it a try?

Happy trading!


High Desert Diva said...

thanks for the trading tips

Cesia said...

nice info! yay for trading! :)

- cesia

RainbowMom said...

I love luci's shop! I have 3 of her rings and plan on having many more. lol