April 29, 2009

Monkey Business

I happen to really like monkeys. All kinds of monkeys. But especially sock monkeys.

You know who else is into sock monkeys? My niece and nephew. We made some fun stripe-y ones together one time.

In carrying on the sock monkey love, I've made two pouches to fill with goodies and give to my niece and nephew. Here they are: (The pouches, not the kids. The kids are even cuter!)

Here's the two pouches together. You can see a hint here of the fun polka-dots on the inside fabric.

This flat one is for my nephew. I made it using this cool & easy pouch template.

This one is for my niece. She is almost at the age to use it for makeup! I added gussets to make it stand up on its own. (Hope my nephew is not jealous.)

The end. :-)


Vanessa said...

OMG too cute! I'm in sock monkey love!

Janet said...

These are TOO COOL! I'm totally impressed. Niece and nephew are going to be crazy about them!

Kate Gabrielle said...

I love your blog, Wendy! Do you have a link to this on your movie site? I never knew you had this one until you commented! The sock monkey pouches are TOO cute! :D

Thanks for the link, too!

Wendymoon said...

Thanks all!

Kate, I have been keeping the movie me and the artsy me separate so far. Thanks for coming to visit!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Great choice of fabric I'm sure the kids will love them