May 15, 2009

Pouches for Pals

The little bags I made for my niece and nephew started me off making a string of zipper pouches. These four were made for my last weekend's reunion with old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen for over two years! The idea was to make something personalized for each of the girls while still somewhat coordinating the fabric to connect the gifts together.

The fabrics are Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. I filled the bags with some little goodies (Bath & Body Works loot and chocolates), but the girls seemed especially happy to each have a custom-made bag. Before the weekend was over they were showing me how the bags had become makeup kits and purse organizers. Hopefully whenever they use them it will make them think of me and our fun weekend together. :-)

It's so much fun making something to give to someone else! How about you, what is the end result of your crafting? Is it more often for yourself, for gifts, or for sale?


Anonymous said...

Did you use a pattern for these, or are they of your own creative creation? Either way, they're great and made fantastic gifts, I'm sure!

Wendymoon said...

I didn't really have a pattern for these, although I learned how to make a simple zippy pouch here:
and have been going to town making my own versions ever since.