January 27, 2010

Projects, Finished and Un-

You know what I'm really good at? Starting projects. You know what I'm really bad at? Finishing them. I keep picking up more stuff to do when I have many things undone. This is not always a bad thing, as I tend to do small projects in between bigger ones, maybe to prove to myself that I can finish the big ones. Here's a few of my current projects, finished and not:

Just learned some amigurumi thanks to the super cute book Amigurumi World.

(Nowhere near as fancy as this guy does, but really fast and fun to do.)

Dishcloths are another fast project. Here's a geeky one I call the Tardishcloth (Time and Relative Dimensions in Suds).

Got the pattern on Ravelry.

Here's two more projects I'm determined to finish. My entrelac scarf with Noro yarn, started in the fall, hopefully done to wear sometime this winter! (I'm on my last skein, anyway.)

And a super-secret mystery project inspired by the hexes I was making. (No, it's not for the flower garden quilt that I am still working on. It's something else.)

Any guesses what it will turn out to be?


Heather said...

Your scarf is so gorgeous! Of course I have to once again express my love for the tardishcloth.

Showed Mom pic of the mystery project, she wanted to place the guess of a placemat. I'm still voting for a super funky handbag.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you and your mom should keep guessing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Any chance that mystery picture is the awesome beginnings of a Settlers of Catan boardgame?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think somebody's on to something... I need to get back to that project!