February 1, 2010


A commitment to make one thing each day, every day this month. That's what thing-a-day is all about. And I'm gonna do it.

Am I crazy? I'm sure before February is over I will probably think I was nuts to try. But try I'm going to.

Here's the first of my things completed in this creative sprint. I've tweaked an art collage of mine from a while back and made it into brand-new-today greeting cards!

(I may be bending the rules a bit, as instead of only making something new every day, I also plan to use this challenge to complete my never-ending stack o' projects.)

Want to follow my progress? Check out my posterous. Every day this month. :-)


billy.ellison said...

Go Rebs Go!!!

Heather said...

Wow! Very ambitious goal. Does making breakfast count? 'Cause I could totally manage that.

Shorty said...

Great idea! I think that's a wonderful way to keep your creative side moving forward. I may have to follow your lead!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement all!

Heather -- I was thinking that if I get into a real bind, I can always just say I made my bed. Creatively.

Shorty -- it is a great exercise in keeping those creative juices flowing. Hopefully I don't burn out!

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