March 29, 2010

Alabama Stitching

Picked up the Alabama Stitch Book at my library the other day. It basically promotes a technique involving deconstructing t-shirts, then stenciling and hand-stitching them. I loved the look of the reverse applique skirt, so that's the project I'm tackling next!

So I went to the local craft store and found shirts 2 for $5 (you need 4 for one skirt). I also picked up some fabric paint and some beads in case I want to get fancy.

I had the strange experience of going in with one idea in my head for the colors and style I wanted to do, but in the store it all kinda went out the window and I went with red, brown, and gold. Here's the first skirt panel:

Doing the stencil last night I was thinking perhaps I should have chosen a different paint color. (Maybe it was just the fumes reminding me of an embarrassing sunflower applique & puffy paint experience I had growing up.) Starting the hand-stitching today I think I'm liking it better, but I'm still a bit unsure.

Have you ever jumped into a project only to find yourself questioning if you really liked it later? How long do you continue with something before deciding to keep, rework or scrap it?


Shorty said...

I like what you've got so far! Looks very cool. I was questioning my Easter project that I was working on this weekend... lots of hand embroidery over some fabric piecing. I am hoping to finish everything tonight so stay tuned for a picture coming soon. You can tell me if you think I should've given up! : )

trulymadlygeeky said...

We've discussed how bad I am about abandoning projects when they fail to look like I imagined. But I have found that if I push through, I usually start to love it again.

Gotta say, I really love how this skirt looks so far! Looks like an incredible amount of hand stitching.

Regina Moore said...

Looks really good...I like the color combination! Alabama Stitching is addictive! (smile!~!)