May 24, 2010

Happy Puppy Mini Quilt

Took a break from a larger quilt-in-progress to make a mini today. It was all improv! Just knew I wanted to use these cute Heather Ross dogs with the very fun Cogsmo. Since I'm a "should have done it differently" kinda person, I would tweak with a few things if I had it to do over again. BUT I think it was good for me to do a make-it-up-as-you-go-along sort of project for a change.

Love how bright and fun it all is! I must be feeling bold and cheerful thanks to the summer-like weather I'm enjoying. (Notice my happy warm weather shoes?)

The secret to this quilt? It's computer powered!

Don't puppies just make you smile?


Sarah said...

very cute puppies :)

Stephanie said...

That is super cute.


Liesl said...

So cute!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

how did you make your binding puffy? it's cute!!! did you leave the batting almost as wide as binding then fold it?