December 29, 2010

End of Year Goals

Sometimes, things move pretty slow around here. For instance, I've been meaning to post about finishing my entrelac scarf for a while now. And it had been finished (the knitting part anyway) for some time before I managed to block it. It's like I'm in my own little time warp bubble or something.

Anyhow, I'm really pleased with how this came out! I started it in the fall of '09 thinking I would whip it right up for that season. Well, I was new to knitting and perhaps overly optimistic in how fast I could finish things. I put it on hold through the warmer months and returned to it this fall.

I love the colorful Noro yarn and the entrelac pattern. It actually wasn't that difficult, but was challenging enough to keep me interested. After blocking the scarf feels softer and looks less bunchy. I'd say it's around six feet long -- that's from three skeins! It goes with my big down coat and has been helping to keep me warm and relatively happy in the cold and snow.

That's one more off my 2010 project list, although I need to do the final tally soon and it's not looking good!

I do have one more goal that maybe YOU can help me with. I've been hoping to reach 50 sales in my Etsy shop by the end of the year. That's only 8 more to go! If you've been thinking about getting something, now's the time as I'm offering a coupon for helping me meet my goal. Just enter 15for50 as a coupon code to get 15% off anything in the shop! There's plenty of tea wallets and Gocco cards and prints there, as well as some random fun stuff like little felt items and ACEOs. Please check it out!

I'll be back soon with more projects and a new annual project list for 2011.


trulymadlygeeky said...

On phone so can't see I'm squinting at tiny picture but YAY! It's finished and so very very pretty! One of the prettiest scarves I've ever seen, and I'm something of a scarf maniac.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, scarf expert! I'm slow but I do good work. ;-)

Brookelynn said...

This is amazing work! I love the colors and the complexity. Perfect.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I love the texture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies for the nice comments! It's worth all the time put into it when the end product looks like this.

Cesia said...

Looks awesome! Love the colors!

Now if only it was like 20 feet long, you could have it drag on the ground Doctor Who style.