January 15, 2011

I make stuff

You might not know it looking at my 2010 project list. But I did make a lot of stuff last year. I'm not quite type A enough to add to my list and then cross it off. But while I only did maybe 8 of the 25 projects I'd intended to be completed last year, I did make a lot of stuff, as the above mosaic will show. I'm just easily distracted when it comes to crafting.

But I've updated my yearly list, carrying over projects from last year that I still want to do and adding a few more for 2011. I'm sure more will get added in during the year and crowd other stuff out, but it's nice to have a fallback list as a reminder for my ideas and crafty goals.

I'm also thinking about doing thing-a-day again this year. It was fun last year and definitely helped me MAKE. Although again, the pressure of creating something everyday does tend to make me do smaller projects which may or may not be on my list. I suppose I could work a little every day on one big project... hmm.

Do you have your yearly craft list already made up? Or are you a craft-as-it-comes-up kinda person?


trulymadlygeeky said...

Organization is not my strongest suit, so no I don't make a yearly plan. I tend to go in spurts of creativity, make a bunch of things (especially if there's a deadline- making gifts or for an event) and then no crafting for a while.

Very tempted by the idea of thing-a-day. Partly because getting motivated to craft, but also because I would be forced to document what I make, which I'm not so good at. I dunno, sounds intimidating.

Cesia said...


I don't wanna do it alone. :( I have been trying to talk my mum into doing it too, but she said she doesn't want to "share" with the world, so she might do it secretly.