April 21, 2011


Did you ever do that obnoxious joke where you start talking about "snew" just so you can get someone to ask: "What's snew?" and you can be silly and say back "Nothing, what's snew with you?" ;-)

Here's what's snew with me: My birdie embroidery was a runner up in the Fat Quarterly "WIN IT TO BE IN IT" Reader's Competition! There were some amazing projects featured, so I was very pleased to place. (If you're wondering what Fat Quarterly is, by the way, it's a neat e-magazine filled with patterns and interviews and lots of inspiring projects. Good stuff!)

There's some other little finished projects I've been meaning to post about... Firstly, I made another ereader cover. This one was a gift and I made it scrappy to match the receiver's interests. The French sheep were a big hit, as part of what my friend is doing with her nook is listening to French .mp3s while reading French files to learn the language better. Neat, huh?

Also completed a little outfit for my LPS Blythe. And decided on a name for her, which took almost as long as it takes some people to name their children! This is Cecily. Part of why I wanted an LPS Blythe was that when I see everyone's big Blythes I love all the custom clothes that get made for them. I wanted to test it out on a smaller (in size and investment) Blythe to see if I would like it. But honestly, I think it would be easier to sew for the regular size dolls. I did manage to make a tiny tunic and denim skirt, and I crocheted this little hat. I had meant to make boots, but it's ridiculously challenging creating clothes this small and I gave up! (This may be Cecily's first and last custom outfit.)

Finally, here's my incredibly easy fix to a sewing problem: I've been meaning to make a scrap bag or bucket for when I sew. But the thing is, I have a place where I store scraps, I really just needed a little container of some sort for clipped threads and corners and bent needles and the like. The solution? This nifty tray! It was about the easiest thing ever to make, as it's basically a square with the corners sewed up. So simple and so useful.

So, that's what's snew with me, what's snew with you?


trulymadlygeeky said...

Very clever little container from strings and scraps! Looks like you could do that with an old placemat, I see single lovely placemats at Goodwill looking for a new use sometimes.

Your Cecily appears quite stylish. She should be, with such an awesome name.

So pleased your birdie embroidery placed! It's delightful.