May 10, 2011

Cross Stitch is Cool!

Years ago I used to cross stitch. I made several projects for wedding presents, you know, with the couple's names and wedding date in some pretty pattern. But for some reason I got out of the habit of cross-stitching for a while.

Now, I think cross stitch is cooler than ever! This is helped in great part by all the fun patterns I've been discovering lately. One shop that has tons of cute patterns is The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I made this Toast BFFs project from one of their patterns.

Day 13: Toast BFFs Bookmark

Another fun cross stitch project I made is this super cute and geeky one of the Star Trek TNG characters. The pattern was not made specifically for cross-stitching, but is one of iotacon's  pixel designs. The simplified and squared off characters work great for translating onto aida cloth.

Belated Day 24: TNG Cross Stitch

I really love all the geeky patterns out there for cross-stitch. Here's a free one for Doctor Who's David Tennant. And another one I want to make from Day of the Tentacle. There's lots of Etsy shops with great patterns, too. I love the pixel people of weelittlestitches (new Star Wars ones available!) as well as the nerdy stitch options of bombastitch (like this TRON one).

Ah, the simple pleasure of stitching tiny Xs that turn into fabulously cute and geeky things. Don't you think cross stitch is cool?


trulymadlygeeky said...

I do cross stitch now. Cross stitch is cool.

I think there is just somthing delightful about taking an art form that has traditionally been very staid and boring, just standard pretties and samplers - and reviving it into something else entirely. Geeky and cheeky, such great fun. And it's a craft that truly most anyone can do!

Wendymoon said...

You're so right, cross stitch really has come a long way. And it's something that's pretty easy with great results! Cross stitch is even cooler than bowties. ;-)

Alli said...

Thanks for pointing me to those awesome geeky patterns. I love them!

Anya Z said...

AH I am working on a Frosted Pumpkin design right now! I wanted to make mine into a bookmark too. How did you go about doing this one?? Yours looks so good, I want to copy it :)