June 8, 2011

The true story of a girl and her pants

Once upon a time there was a pair of pants. They were not quite green and not quite gray. They were awesome. They belonged to a girl, and they made her look good.

The girl and her pants went everywhere together. They worked together, played together, hung out on the couch and watched TV together. The pants and the girl were happy.

But slowly, over time, things began to change. The girl and her pants were not quite a perfect fit anymore. To be fair, it wasn't really the pants that had changed. But the girl was growing in new directions.

For a while, the pants hung in the girl's closet, hoping to be brought back out again some day. The girl too hoped to once again fit into the pants. Every so often, she'd pull them out and try to squeeze into them, then sadly return them when they didn't work out. Finally, one sad day, the girl put them in the "to donate" bag.

Fortunately, before she actually got around to giving away the pants, the girl remembered two posts she had seen about making bags. She was sure she could turn those old favorite pants into something new!

So she cut and she sewed. The back pocket turned into a front pocket. The legs turned into one long strap.

A side pocket turned into a back pocket.

With a fun lining, things were complete.

The girl may have changed, but now so had the pants. They had become an awesome mini messenger bag!

And the girl and her pants-bag lived happily ever after. 



Katy Cameron said...

That turned out great, maybe I shouldn't have just donated 11 huge bin bags of old clothes to the charity shops!

Holly U said...

What a fun read. And a great way to keep using a cherished piece of clothing!

tusen said...

it looks great :)
I like your story very much and I hope to do the same with my favourite dungarees

trulymadlygeeky said...

So lovely to see what seemed a tragic love story become an inspiring tale of love that continues despite changing circumstances. ;)

Nannette Turner said...

I always love a happy ending.