September 8, 2011

Two, Two, Two skirts in one!

Confession: I have a lot of trouble sewing clothes. I don't know what it is. I pick out pretty fabric and what I think will be a cute (and hopefully not too difficult) pattern. In theory, all should go according to plan. In reality, I always struggle. Perhaps it's the fact that I like to change things around from the pattern. And that I'm often trying to squeeze the most I can out of a small amount of fabric. And maybe easy patterns are really meant to look like maternity wear. (Not a problem if you're expecting of course, but I'm not!)


Take this skirt as an example. I loved the look of Anna Maria Horner's Flirting the Issue Skirt. The pattern's a free download, and it looks so easy and cute! I also had been wanting to try out sewing with voile, and I love Anna Maria's Innocent Crush line. Seems like a perfect match, right?


Well. The voile is gorgeous. So gorgeous that I couldn't decide which one to choose. But then I hit upon this happy thought: why not get two patterned fabrics instead of one patterned and one solid? That way I could make my skirt reversible!


It all worked out in the end but let me tell you it was a bit of a pain getting there. Mostly I tried to follow the pattern, though of course it changed things making the skirt reversible. I also changed out the band a bit since I had a different elastic at hand. And of course I waited until almost the end to try it on, and it was HUGE. Like a small panda could have fit in there with me. I debated leaving it extra poofy but decided I'd be happier taking out some bulk. And I was.


It's funny, I was especially drawn to the little flowers on the "Maybe" pattern. But as a skirt I kinda like "Turn of Events" and its bold floral print. I like that I can wear it with a shirt tucked in or out. And that I could do a fast change in an elevator like in the opening of  The Pink Panther. (The Peter Sellers Pink Panther... the scene where the inspector's wife has to make a quick getaway so she reverses all her clothing while in an elevator to throw the police off her track! I always thought that was too cool.) So, all things considered, I'm happy with my finished reversible skirt. And the next clothes I sew? I'm not getting cute or clever with them!


robyn said...

Love this! Both fabrics are awesome.

I just wish I was more ambitious when it came to sewing my own clothes. Every so often I'll get inspired, but then usually around the stage where I'm cutting the fabric I start realizing the amount of work ahead of me still and all desire dies.

I'm going to bookmark this post all the same and hopefully someday soon I will take a crack it myself. A girl can never have too many skirts, reversible definitely saves valuable closet real estate :)

Katy Cameron said...

Very cute, love both fabrics. I learned to make muslins of things out of super cheap material the first time I'm trying a pattern so that it doesn't end up either a) big enough for me and a friend or b) likely to cut off my air supply ;o)

Wendymoon said...

Robyn, despite my tale of woe this is a very simple sewing project. It's basically rectangles sewn together with elastic inserted. So give it a go! The reversible is great for vacation packing, too. :-)

Katy Cameron, you're so right, I really should try things with muslins first. I just get so excited to sew something that I don't want to spend time on practicing! But I'm sure it would save me lots of trouble in the end.

Anonymous said...

I think both sides came out looking nice., my favorite is the blue - very chic...:)

SewSweetStitches said...

I totally understand where you're coming from! I'm pretty awful at construction sewing and following a pattern, but that doesn't stop me from buying more :/
The skirt turned out adorable, great job!

Rachel Hauser said...

Very nice. I especially like that black voile from AMH.