November 1, 2011

Something Red for art-o-mat

Kerplunk! That noise you hear is the sound of my art being dispensed from an art-o-mat machine. What is art-o-mat, you ask? It's a neat project where retired cigarette machines are converted to dispense art instead. I love the idea of small, affordable art and am so happy to be a part of the project.


I had all kinds of different ideas I wanted to try, but for my first edition I decided to go with a photo project. With a Lomo fisheye camera loaded with redscale film, I went on a sort of photographic scavenger hunt, capturing familiar things in a unique way.


The resulting images turned into 50 art-o-mat blocks and got sent on their merry way. So far I know my art has been dispensed in Chicago and Las Vegas! I'm not sure where else it got sent or where it will end up. SO if you happened upon my art in an art-o-mat machine, I'd love to hear where it ended up. And which photo you got!


If you don't have access to an art-o-mat near you, or if you got one of my blocks and want to see more of the images, check out the zine I made with all my photos from the project. It's up in the good ol' etsy shop.


I'm so excited to get my work out there through art-o-mat!


Sus said...

I would love to have an art-o-mat machine!!! I have always been going to make art for one and never took the time...congrats!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh what a cool idea!

Alli said...

That's so awesome! I hope it shows up near me. :)

ACW said...

Wowsers, very cool....

robayre said...

hey, congratulations on your first artomat! Also, you should be happy to know that the machine in chicago at the cultural center is the most used machine artomat has. whoop whoop!