July 4, 2009

Artsy Clutches

I've been making artsy clutches as found in the book Bend the Rules Sewing. They're easy to make and turn out so cute.

This gorgeous Echino fabric leopard one is all mine! I love the fabric I found for the inside, too: Pink + Blue = Purple. Then, for the topstitching, I used purple thread for the outside and teal for the lining.

What goes inside? Whatever I want! At the moment, my Lomo Supersampler! (There's room for a few rolls of film, or maybe eventually a Lomo fisheye camera too.)

This second one I made is for a sushi-loving friend. The fabric is Robert Kaufman's Chopsticks Please!

Vintage button is from Grandma's stash. And again I did a different bobbin thread to get both the black and red in there.

What goes inside? Whatever she wants! And this little gift-within-a-gift: sushi themed hair accessories.


Kate Gabrielle said...

how neat! I just got a sewing machine and it seems so daunting sitting there on my desk!

also I see you finally settled on the supersampler! Are you going to post some pictures when you get them developed? :)

Wendymoon said...

This would be a great, easy, fun new sewing machine project!

Still working on the first roll with Lomo, will see what develops. ;-)

Allison said...

CUTE! I love that leopard print! I wanted to make a bag out of that but couldn't find enough yardage at our store. Its so cute! I checked that book out from the library but never made anything, I think I might have to go back and get it now! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison

Allison said...

Hi Wendy Your the link list giveaway winner, send me your address and I'll send you a fun fat quarter! My email is cluckclucksew@gmail.com , Thanks! Allison