April 19, 2010

Alabama Stitching, take 2

OK, so I haven't completely given up on my other Alabama stitching skirt. But remember how I said the colors and all kinda came together on a whim? I decided I really wanted to go back to my first thought, which was classic black and white.

I modified the rose stencil from the book to just use the flowers. I used silver paint to make a border at the bottom of my skirt panels. I'm hand stitching in white.

One panel down, three to go! Overall I'm much happier with this (safer) design. It feels like it's more me. (Don't worry, red and brown design fans, I'll get back to it. Eventually.)


Regina Moore said...

Be careful...Alabama Stitching can become addictive! ha! ha! I love the color combination on this skirt! Very nice!!

trulymadlygeeky said...

Saw these on your flickr and realized I hadn't been by in a while. So pretty! I really love the red and brown, but confess I like this even better.