November 27, 2010

Free as a bird

I love birds. And free stuff. And crafting. So you can imagine how happy I was to find these free crafty birdie patterns!

The embroidery pattern is from Gennine's Art Blog (you can find it in her sidebar). I've long admired her style and have been wanting to buy some of her art. But until I can afford that, I've made my own art based on her design.

I used white on blue fabric since I love Gennine's style of using light lines on a dark background. I haven't decided yet if I will keep this in the hoop or if I will sew it into some other project. But it makes me happy just looking at it. AND it rekindled my interest in embroidery (and cross-stitching, which I used to do a lot of, but haven't in a while).

The other free pattern I found was for these little bird stuffies! It's from Spool (again, pattern in sidebear) and apparently many people used the pattern to make bird mobiles for babies. Would it be weird to make an adult mobile just for me?

I love playing with the fabric combos and the sweet contrasting bellies. I've tried these both with hand and machine sewing and either way works. Machine is faster, of course, but the hand sewing is kinda relaxing.

AND you know what's neat? The bird pattern was just the right size to cut out of some of my new favorite Innocent Crush fabric. How cool is that?

Let me know if you find any other free birdie patterns out there!


Holly said...

Hey, I'm embroidering Geninne's bird right now too! In multiple colors, and with the flora. I'm stuck on how to do the top flower, then it's time to frame it!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's cool Holly! I'd love to see when you are finished!

trulymadlygeeky said...

Look at those lovely tiny stitches! The white stitching on blue fabric is just so pretty.

I think a grown-up mobile with these birds ould be brill, maybe hanging in a window?

Anonymous said...

I have used this bird pattern to make a pincushion and it turned out beautiful. And wouldn't it look sweet perched on the branch of a Christmas tree.