February 28, 2011

I made it through Thing-a-Day!

Whew, creative sprint is right. I'm winded. But I made it through!

I'm left at the end of the month with 28 days of creative stuffs. This year I did a lot more of working on little bits of projects, spreading out finishing things over a few days. I made two new gocco designs, knitted five rows, and did a whole lot of sewing, both by hand and machine. I'm planning on posting about a few of the projects I worked on this month in more depth, but for now here's a mosaic of my TAD 2011 creations. You can click below for more details on any of the days.

1. dresdenprogress, 2. Day 2: Embroidery, 3. goccocard, 4. Day 4: Cowl, 5. Day 5: Hexagon Pincushion, 6. Day 6: Mason Jar Pincushion, 7. shrinkypins, 8. Day 8: Stuffed Keychain, 9. Day 9: Jelly Toast Cross Stitch, 10. Day 10: Painted Hoop, 11. Day 11: Birdie Embroidery, 12. Day 12: More Embroidery, 13. Day 13: Toast BFFs Bookmark, 14. Day 14: Dresden Quilting, 15. Belated Day 15: 5 Rows, 16. Day 16: Shoe Sketch, 17. Day 17: Mug Rug Binding, 18. Day 18: Gift Horse Pincushion, 19. Day 19: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 20. Belated Day 20: Pouch Pieces, 21. Belated Day 21: Hexagon Flower, 22. Day 22: Helicopter Passport Holder, 23. Day 23: Hedgie Pouch, 24. Belated Day 24: TNG Cross Stitch, 25. Day 25: Zig. Or maybe a Zag., 26. Day 26: Pocket Nook Sleeve (and clutch!), 27. Day 27: Fairy Tale Potholders, 28. Day 28: Bunting Thanks! Cards

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Hope your February was as fun and creative!


Audrey said...

Love it all! The Star Trek cross stitch is awesome!