March 8, 2011

I love my nook

Since I love my nook so much, it seemed only fitting to make a padded sleeve to protect it. Here's what I came up with:

Day 26: Pocket Nook Sleeve (and clutch!)

I used Birch Organic Circa 50 fabric. Aren't the little animals so cute on it? I love the bright teal, too.

Day 26: Pocket Nook Sleeve (and clutch!)

It closes up top with some elastic and a fun fabric covered button. (I think all fabric covered buttons are fun.)

Day 26: Pocket Nook Sleeve (and clutch!)

Here's the neat part: it's got a pocket up front, so I can tuck my nook in and read! This keeps the touchscreen covered but leaves easy access for page turning.

Day 26: Pocket Nook Sleeve (and clutch!)

Like it? Should I add some to my Etsy shop? And/or put a tutorial up here for the pocket nook sleeve?


Sylvia said...

I'm visiting from the Fat Quarterly post--the adorable little parrot in the picture enticed me to click on your blog! (Clearly, including your bird in photos is a great traffic-increasing move, at least for the one other quilt-and-bird-lover out there.) :) Congrats on winning, and I like your e-reader cover, too!

Judy said...

Found you through Fat Quarterly. I'd love a tut on the nook cover! Looks great!