July 27, 2011

Aviary, Embellished

Being partial to birdies, I was quite excited when Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 fabric line came out. I snatched some up, but wasn't sure at first what I wanted to do with it.


Inspired by images of people simply hanging pretty fabric in hoops, I thought I could do something quick like that to make a nice display. But I couldn't leave well enough alone and just put the fabric in the painted hoops, I had to embellish it!


Just did some simple embroidery to enhance those lovely birdies. I tried to make the stitches look like real bird feathers/markings. It didn't take that long, and I'm pleased with the results.


I added these two little guys to my other birdie embroidery for a nice little display on my wall! I like how it looks now, but I also like that I can add to it and move stuff around as I do more needlework.



Anne said...

Lovely needlework and vignette!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! I really want to start doing embroidery.

Anonymous said...

I like the layout of them on the wall. And the embroidery is very nice.

Holly U said...

Great grouping Wendy! Love how Geninne's bird fits in.

Wendymoon said...

Thanks ladies! I'm glad to have all my birds hanging out in hoops together. :-)

John said...

oooh, can I include these on the Feeling Stitchy blog next week??

Wendymoon said...

I'd be flattered to be included on Feeling Stitchy!