July 8, 2011

Farmer's Wives and Tough Times


In the letters included in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book, those farmers' wives are all so... plucky! They are positive about all the joys of being on the farm, working hard and enjoying nature and family. But I know they also had tough times. Times when the rain didn't come or when too much rain came or when money was tight or when they were tired. But it seems they pressed on and kept cheerful. I'm trying to be like those farmers' wives. Because it was a tough week for me with these blocks.


The process was not so fun with the sewing this time. I kept having issues with my bobbin thread getting tangled up. I'd stop and sort it out only to have it happen again. And again. I took everything apart, made sure things were clean, and had a crazy time trying to make it stop! I've been worried that my old machine is wearing out and just not working like it used to. I should probably take it in just for a checkup (tuneup, whatever you call it for your sewing machine). 


Anyway, I think I finally figured out my problem. It seems that the little replacement bobbins I bought for extras are just a teeny tiny bit too loose, making things skip and jump and generally messing me up. Grr.


Overall I'm happy with how my blocks came out, I just wish I had enjoyed making them more. I'm planning on breaking into templates with my next batch. So hopefully next week will be all smooth sailing!


Here's all my blocks together so far!

 FWQAL 10up


Recovering Perfectionist said...

Those are great! I love the fabrics, especially the maroon one with the big swirls.

Anonymous said...

I am having a problem with my bobbins also, only I get this great loud clanking sound...I am going to try different size and thanks for the tip:)

BTW, I like your blocks.

marycatharine said...

I love the fabrics you're using, are they all Anna Maria Horner? Hope your machine stops giving you grief :)

Wendymoon Designs said...

Thanks all for commenting!

Cheree, I hope you get your bobbins working too. It's no fun having trouble like that when trying to sew.

Marycatharine, yes, all the fabrics are Anna Maria Horner, all from her Innocent Crush line. Well, all but the white I should say, which is Kona cotton!