August 20, 2011

Fabric Destash

fabricdestash by Wendymoon Designs

So I've had to admit to myself that I will never get around to all the projects I've fleetingly wanted to do, that I will never use up all my crafting supplies.

Rather than just leave things in the closet without a purpose, I've decided to do a little destash. Hopefully my supplies can go to new homes where they may actually get used!

As the picture shows, I've got some fabric listed in my destash shop so far. That's some Alexander Henry Maxfield (I think this would be lovely for a black and white quilt!) Echino Scene in purple (alas, poor dress I had planned, you were not meant to be) and some of Denyse Shmidt's Katie Jump Rope in Green Ribbon. Look for more in the coming weeks.