October 4, 2010

Summer's Over

I'm always a bit sad to see the end of summer. Partly because I know I will miss the warm weather, partly because the reminder of another season going by makes me think of all the things I wanted to accomplish in that time (and didn't get to). All in all, though, it was a great summer. I got to see fireworks on my anniversary, had out-of-state friends and family come to visit, and even managed to get everyone's schedules aligned for a weekend family getaway. I also got to craft a lot. Here's a few projects I completed to round out the summer:

This Good Folks fabric seemed just right for a colorful tiered skirt. (Easy tutorial here.) At first I wanted to make it for myself, but then I decided it would be more suitable for a younger friend of mine. She loves it! Ah, to be ten again, wearing a fun, twirly skirt!

I also worked on some zipper pencil pouches for the shop. Birdies are so sweet! I love both this paint-by-number bird fabric (Moda Uptown) and the Tufted Tweets line by Laurie Wisbrun.

Also discovered that amigurumi is a great craft for a road trip! Ever since I made my Ami Bunny she was waiting for a Mama; this second bun went together in just a couple hours (and fit so nicely into the car's cupholder). I'll have to remember to bring this kind of crochet project along next time we do a road trip; it was so satisfying to have something finished by the time we got home (and it kept me from being too sad about the vacation being over, too).

That's a couple more things off my project list, but I better get cracking to get some more done before the end of the year. The colder weather has got me back into the knitting groove, and I'm hoping to finish a quilt before the snow flies!

Bye, Summer. See ya next year.


enmi said...

Gosh that bunny is almost too cute to be true! o__o Love it! And I love that skirt and it's colors too. It feels sort of gypsy/hippie/romantic-bohemian and I bet it's loads of fun to twirl around in. Make one for yourself too, nobody is too young or too old to have a colorful skirt!

Anonymous said...

You're right, enmi, I should just make a fun skirt for myself, too!